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Who's Who

Headteacher: Mr Tim Coulson    

Senior Teachers: Laura Burton, Rachel Herbert & Natalie Fraser

Reception Class Teachers:   Mrs Kate Richens                

Year 1 Class Teacher:  Mrs Heather Barker  / Mrs Heather Cannan / Mrs Alice Gibson           

Year 2 Class Teacher: Mrs Laura Burton  / Mrs Josie Stewart 


Year 3 Class Teacher:   Miss Lauren Nottage          

Year 4 Class Teacher:  Mrs Lauren Davis  / Mrs Josie Stewart

Year 5 Class Teacher: Mrs Rachel Herbert / Mrs Natalie Fraser 

Year 6 Teacher: Mrs Caroline Lock


Nursery Nurse: Mrs Nikki Warren, Mrs Nikki Starr, Ms Alison Vickers Mrs Sarah York                                   

Special Educational Needs Coordinator:  Mrs Alice Gibson                               

Learning Support:  Mrs Karen Thatcher, Mrs Lorraine Hancock, Mrs Karen Allen, Mrs Sarah Spatcher, Mrs Glenda Francis, Mrs Amanda Rogers

Administrator: Mrs Eva Clark

Administrator: Mrs Debbie Haigh

Caretaker: Mr Darryl Trimmings

Finance Officer: Sue Bremner-Milne Financial Services

Cleaning: Justin York Cleaning

Lunchtime  Staff: Mrs Karen Thatcher, Mrs Karen Allen, Mrs Sarah Spatcher, Mrs Glenda Francis, Mrs Sara Wood, Mrs Amanda Rogers


For all queries or requests for information, please contact the school office in the first instance.

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