Meadow class are off to a great start at Valley Road School! We have been most impressed by how smoothly the morning drop-off is going with children confidently saying goodbye to you and walking round independently. Well done everyone!

Over the past few mornings we have enjoyed getting to know your children; talking to them about their holidays and finding out about their skills and interests. The children have been learning how our room is organised to help them keep track of their belongings and where to find what they need to carry through their ideas. We are teaching the children our Golden Rules in an ongoing way and rewarding the good behaviour we are seeing by choosing a Star of the Day. Lunchtimes in the hall are working well with catering staff commenting on how calmly the children wait for their turn. The children have responded with enthusiasm to the activities we have provided and we look forward to continuing the learning journey with them as they begin full-time school next week.

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