• It's great to be back!
Class Photos

Year 1

Last weekend Hedgerow class were paid a visit from the Christmas Elves who spread their magic around our classroom and made it look fabulously festive! This week we have also enjoyed finding out what our Elf on the shelf Tommy has been getting up to every morning. So far, he has sprinkled glitter everywhere, tangled himself up in ribbons, climbed a tree on our Kenya display and drawn a self-portrait on our whiteboard. What will he get up to next?!

In preparation for our KS1 Christmas play we have been busy rehearsing songs and choreographing our Russian Villagers dance and we can’t wait to show off our fancy footwork next week!

As well as all the festivities we have continued with our Kenya topic and have looked at Kenya's national parks, key features of a national park, using compass directions to move around a map and designed our own national parks. Next week we will be learning about the Maasai culture and looking at similarities and differences between our culture and theirs. We have loved seeing the children's wonderful artwork, own stories, toys and books based on our topic so keep them coming!

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