Year 2

The whole class has had a great start to life in Year Two and have settled in well!


We have gone tomato crazy this week! The children were excited to pick all the tomatoes they grew in Year One and have made a delicious tomato sauce that they enjoyed eating with pasta.


In English and science, we have revisited the life cycle of tomatoes, recounted planting and growing the tomato plants, and have written our own recipes for tomato sauce.

In maths, we have measured the tomato plants, put the measurements in height order, counted tomatoes and grouped them into 2s, 5s and 10s before recording our findings as arrays, repeated addition and as multiplication number sentences.

In art, the children looked at the inside of a tomato when it is halved and quartered and have painted some beautiful watercolour tomatoes.

What a busy tomato-filled week we've had!

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