Year 2

This week we found a mysterious message in a bottle. It was from a man stranded on a desert island. We wrote letters back to him with some advice on how to survive on a desert island. They are now displayed in our classroom inside bottles! Come down and read them! We also designed our own treasure map and are going to use them in our numeracy lessons next week.

At the beginning of the week, we wrote stories based on the characters from The Mousehole Cat. They are also displayed in the classroom. The standard of some of handwriting is the best I’ve seen.

On Wednesday afternoon we worked alongside Year Three and Miss Nottage (Year Two’s teacher next year.). She was impressed with the class and enjoyed getting to know them. The children had a treasure hunt and had to work out mathematical calculations to find clues, eventually leading to the treasure. It was lovely to see the two age groups working together.

Our beach party on Monday was fabulous fun! Thank you for providing all the costumes etc.

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