Class Photos

Year 3

We have had an extremely busy couple of weeks in Valley class! The children have finished their reviews of video games and toys in Literacy (some children in particular are made for the camera) and we are now planning and writing a comic strip with a superhero based on ourselves. I am 'Super Nottage' and I shoot apples out of my sleeves and have pencils for fingers- their ideas not mine!

In maths we have been learning the chunking method for division sums that are beyond the times tables. I was so impressed with how quickly the children learnt this new method and how much progress they've made with their times tables. I know a lot of work goes in at home so thank you.

In the afternoons we have been investigating magnets in science. We have conducted two experiments exploring magnetisation of metal objects and attraction and repulsion. We have also had a tennis tournament. All the children played very well and showed excellent sportsmanship- congratulations to our winner Luca and our runner- up Shiva.

I have had a fantastic first year at Valley Road School and the class have been absolutely amazing. Their boundless enthusiasm and general cheerfulness is so refreshing (if not slightly exhausting) and I can't wait to see how they progress in years to come. Thank you to all the children and parents for making my first year so enjoyable!

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