Year 5

Welcome to Ridgeway!

Well that was strange to write – after 6 years in Year 4 we are both very excited to begin a new challenge in Year 5 (Ridgeway class) and are looking forward to having our lovely class for another year! We are planning to hit the ground running as we won’t need that ‘settling in’ period as we all know each other so well! So onwards to this year:


Mrs Herbert – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Mrs Fraser – Thursday, Friday.

Mrs Winfield will continue to do our PPA cover and we are pleased to say that we managed to smuggle Mrs Allen out of Year 4 and into Year 5 with us.



Literacy and Numeracy will follow the usual variety of units working on different things with both Mrs Herbert and Mrs Fraser.

Science: Earth, space and beyond then forces.

Topic: Our topic for this term will be the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.

For times/days, please have a look at Days of note:

PE – Outdoor Monday, swimming Tuesday morning (we will be leaving promptly from the playground as before). Kit must be in school on a Monday – why not leave it for the half term, they’ll only use it 6 times and I don’t have a good sense of smell?!

Spellings – Fridays (Mrs Fraser)

Times tables – Wednesdays (Mrs Winfield) the timetable attached – the children also have a copy in their homework diaries!


Show and Tell:

We always like to hear what the children have been up to, but we can’t always guarantee time to share it with the class now they are in Year 5. We will try, but if it has any chance of being shared with more than just us, it will need to be special or lesson related – which they are pretty good at now!



The main details of homework remain the same – to keep things simple! We will give out our larger pieces on alternate weeks as before. The children will also have spellings and times tables to learn. In addition, we will be setting some time on devices (15 mins minimum over the week) using Sumdog maths and/or spelling). We can monitor this from our end too.

Mrs Herbert – Given out on Mon/Tues/Wed (depending on what subject it links to), but always due in on the following Monday. It gets put into the relevant teacher’s box in the classroom as before.

Mrs Fraser – Given out Friday, always due in on the following Thursday.

As scary as it sounds, in the upper juniors we are trying to begin to set good habits to make the transition to Gillotts easier. Therefore, getting into a good routine with homework is important. We will be using a homework diary this year and it will need to be in school every day. You can also communicate with us through this if you wish – but please ask your child to show us any messages as we won’t necessarily see them each day!


Value of work and belief:

To improve writing across the school, we are going to be trying to encourage children to value all their work. We will be insisting on good quality work in all subjects and you can help by supporting this with homework too. Handwriting (not copperplate – but joined to the level your child can); grammar in sentences; use of appropriate vocab. We know they can produce good stuff and it’s partly a habit!



As there is no residential this year, we will be taking the children out on a few more trips during the course of the year. We work hard to make them good value and will endeavour to give you plenty of notice! Mr Coulson has got tickets for some of the junior classes to go to the Literary festival in town – I have my fingers crossed that we are one of them so watch this space!

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