Class Photos

Year 5

Well, the start of a new school year is always very exciting but totally exhausting as we crank ourselves back up to full speed!

Year Five have made a super start, showing themselves to be keen to learn and to adhere to our behaviour code.

It’s been full steam ahead in our maths and English! In maths we’ve been practising adding large numbers and money, formally, and progressing with our Fluent in Five.

In English, we have been looking at a lovely book, written and illustrated by Jane Ray, called Can you Catch a Mermaid? This is part of a unit about myths and legends, which will fit in perfectly with our topic.

The Anglo-Saxons (and Scots!) form the first part of our invaders and settlers topic. We have learned why they came over and how we know how far they spread across the British Isles. Do ask your children about which endings to look out for in place names; there are lots of examples and we enjoyed finding them in the atlases.

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