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Year 5

What a mixture of activities we have had recently! Everyone worked really hard during our recent assessments and tackled a range of questions ranging from arithmetic and reasoning to reading comprehension, grammar and spelling. In between, we have also been practising hard for the Christmas production and also continuing with our normal lessons! It’s difficult to imagine how we manage to fit it all in, actually!

In our maths we have moved onto fractions (converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers and finding fractions of amounts using the ‘Bar Method’). This follows on beautifully from the work on division and again requires fast recall of times tables. In literacy we have concentrated on writing up some ‘Explanations’ about how to be a perfect Viking (after the awesome visit of Hrothgar!)

We are coming to the close of our topic about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings and will be finding out what happened to end their rule and who succeeded them.

In maths we have been busy working out problems to do with perimeter and area - and boy were they problematic at times! But a good challenge for our brains. Our literacy has seen us doing a lot of writing as we use our plans to write our own versions of our class book Quest. We used the computers to create our own avatars of our two main characters and cut and pasted them into scenes for our settings. In art we then used pastels and paints to create our third setting, merging colours and using silhouettes - we are very proud of our display...and Mrs Allen is very cross we did it on her afternoon off! In our swimming session, we were working on life saving skills, rescuing each other - and yes - swimming in our pyjamas!

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