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Year 5

Viking in school!

On Monday, a viking raided our classroom! After a horn blew he came charging in weilding an axe - luckily he proved to be a friendly type and we spent the day learning all sorts of interesting things about viking culture.

We learnt that the vikings had many weapons. When fighting with a shield, they are used to protect your body but also can be used in close combat to push your opponent off balance, enabling them to be stabbed whilst on the ground! Poor Caleb!

You can also work as a team with your shields. There is strength in numbers, but you have to be careful if you are the one trapped in the middle!  

Viking helmets and armour are heavy (and you can get your hair caught in the chainmail!)

There were many stories told in viking times and lots of them told of Gods, Godesses and battles. They were also rather gruesome! It was a scary time to be alive...

Cow horns were used to make noise - whether that was a battle cry, or calling your husband in for dinner.

If the chief was taken ill it was up to his warriors to work out whether he was alive or dead. If he couldn't be roused, water was tipped on his head (poor Chief Rowan!) and if they still couldn't be roused then they were left for 7 days - just to make sure they weren't passed out or sleeping. 

When the chief was confirmed dead, he was prepared for his funeral and laid to rest in a boat shaped burial site (to help him on to Valhalla).

He needed many things with him, including a horse to ride and food but most importantly a chief would need a slave girl to assist him. The chosen one would have 7 fabulous days on Earth and then meet a rather gruesome end involving poison, strangulation and being stabbed through the heart - but at least she'd make it to Valhalla too (which she wouldn't have done if she'd remained an ordinary slave) - poor Dulcie!


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