• It's great to be back!

Year 6

In between perfecting our roles in this year’s Christmas extravaganza, Year Six have continued to study the amazing novel War Horse. Using the story as a prompt, we have also discussed the historical role played by the traditional British Cavalry in World War One and learnt why the invention of new types of weapons changed war forever. We have discovered how the failure on both sides to acquire land led to the formation of staggeringly long trench lines and we have looked in detail at what life would have been like for the men who lived and fought in them. This is a very grown-up unit of work and Mrs Lock is really impressed with our maturity. In maths we have been continuing to develop our Fraction Ninja skills! We can now confidently multiply and divide fractions and can even explain to you why fractions get smaller when you multiply them! We have also had a fabulous session with Madame Orlando who is really challenging us to secure a good body of French vocabulary to help us when we transition to learning languages at secondary school. We have been focusing on pronunciation, using body movements to help us remember French phonemes: to remember ‘ou’ we have to pretend be a monkey!

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