Year 6

Year Six have kicked off their final year at Valley Road in style – we have started our English Ninja challenges where we try to read regularly to move from the Ninja rank of Grasshopper to the rank of Grand master!  Coupled with this, we have been practising our Ninja vocabulary skills by learning a new word a day; ask us what ‘impoverished’ and ‘flotsam’ mean, I bet we can tell you!


In science we have been looking at the chemical and physical processes which occur when rocks are weathered.  We went on a weathering hunt around the school grounds and found lots of examples of biological weathering.  We also used mixed acid and rock inside test tubes, using a balloon to catch the carbon dioxide gas which was released – exciting stuff!


In art, we are learning to draw details using pen and ink, it’s a bit tricky because we don’t like knowing that we can’t rub out lines!  This links well with our review of our growth mindset knowledge – ask us what an amygdala hijack is and how you can re-take control of your brain when your emotions are running high!

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