Admissions Information

Valley Road Nursery is the perfect start to your child's educational life. If you are hoping for your child to enter the main Valley Road school Reception Class it is worth noting that the Reception and the Nursery pupils share an outside area and work together as part of a cohesive Early Years Foundation Stage. There are also the benefits of mixing and working alongside other pupils from the main school as well as the unique working relationship with Bishopswood Special School.

Bishopswood Nursery has up to eight pupils with different Special Needs. They have their own classroom next to Valley Road but the Nurseries are fully integrated offering an amazing experience for all pupils.

The Nursery also benefits from the extensive grounds in the school including climbing frames and the wildlife area.

Children can start at Valley Road Nursery the term after their third birthday. We offer 15 hours per week at a maximum of six hours per day.There is the possibility of extra sessions if they are available as well as a lunch club for pupils attending morning sessions. Afternoon pupils automatically go to lunch club. We accept child care vouchers.

We are currently taking pupils as part of the 30 hours entitlement. please see below the authority admissions policy

We welcome showing new parents around the school. Each appointment is an individual one with the Headteacher. We recognise that this is one of the most important decisions you make concerning your child and you deserve the time to ask any questions you like. If you wish to do so please contact the school office to make an appointment.

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