• The school is closed until further notice. All parents should refer to Teams for their child's work
Welcome to Valley Road School. The pages of this web site should give you a good idea about the school. If you wish to visit then please contact the office at the above address and phone number to make an appointment. All appointments are individual and you will be taken around the school by myself to see the school as it is on the day you visit. This way you will get an opportunity to meet the staff, pupils and to ask any questions you may have. Appointments last approximately half an hour.


At present the school is closed physically, but is still open for learning via TEAMs. The staff are putting up work every day and our regular communication with our community continues as normally as we can possibly make it during this crisis. As part of this challenge, we have updated our Safeguarding Policy. A copy is available on request should it be needed.

We are all here should anyone need support and help. We have also, along with all other schools, been asked to put the web address for Childline on our front page:




We look forward to seeing all of you in the school once again very soon.


Best wishes,
Tim Coulson
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