Governors 2018/19

 Governor Category Appointing Body
Position / Responsibilities Term of Office ends

Attendance 2017-18

 Dan Herbert  Co-opted  Governing Body Chair of Governing Body

Leadership & Management


6 out of 6 FGBs
6 out of 6 committees

Mary Selvester
Co-opted Governing Body

Vice-Chair of Governing Body

Leadership & Management
Chair of School committee

6 out of 6 FGBs
6 out of 6 committees
Rod Simmons
Local Authority
OCC Local Councillor
Chair of Environment
6 out of 6 FGBs
6 out 6 committees
Kate Campbell Parent Governing Body

School Committee


Wendy Bowsher Co-opted  Governing Body
Leadership & Management

6 out of 6 FGBs

6 out 6 committees

Kate Wigfield Parent

Finance Lead

Leadership & Management


5 out of 5 FGBs

4 out of 4 committees

Laura Gater Co-opted  Governing Body
School Committee KS2 Link
4 out of 5 FGBs
4 out of 6 committees
Irene Fox
Governing Body
School Committee

2 out of 3 FGBs

2 out of 2 committees

Co-opted  Governing Body
Environment Committee

Caroline Lock


Governing Body

Envornment Committee

Safeguarding & Behaviour Lead


6 out of 6 FGBs
6 out 6 committees

Laura Burton



School Committee


5 out of 6 FGBs
5 out of 6 committees

Tim Coulson

Head Teacher


Leadership & Management


6 out of 6 FGBs
5 out of 6 committees

Teresa Edwards


Governors' Annual Report for Academic Year 2017/18: click here to read

VRS Governing Body Mission:

To provide a happy, friendly, caring and stimulating environment where children grow in self-esteem and achieve their full potential, by:

  • Working with the school to set VRS’s vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding school leaders to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure money is well spent
  • Ensuring the school is accountable to all stakeholders.

Elected governors serve a four-year term of office, which can be renewed after this period. The Chair of Governors is elected annually. Any parent having a child in school is eligible for nomination as a Parent Governor.

    Meeting Dates for 2018/2019 School Year  Meeting Minutes
    7:00 PM Monday, 01 Oct 2018
     Valley Road FGB 1.10.18 Minutes.pdf
    7:00 PM Monday, 03 Dec 2018  Valley Road FGB 3.12.18 minutes.pdf
    7:00 PM Monday, 28 Jan 2019  Valley Road FGB 28.01.19 minutes.pdf
    7:00 PM Monday,  11 Mar 2019 Valley Road FGB 11.03.19 minutes.pdf
    7:00 PM Monday, 20 May 2019  Valley Road FGB 20.05.19 minutes.pdf
    7:00 PM Monday, 15 July 2019

    Last Minutes from 2017/18 School Year: Valley Road FGB 2.7.18.pdf

    Full details of all governors and the attendance record at all  meetings 2017-2018: Governors of Valley Road School 2018.pdf

    Appointing Body Instrument of Government

    Declared Relevant Business Interests:

    Caroline Lock - Y6 teacher at VRS, Yeti Education Ltd (Education consultancy, currently non-active) (declared 09/10/2017)

    Mary Selvester - Teacher at a different school. Occasional supply teaching (declared 09/10/2017)

    Other educational establishments governed or trusteeships held:


    Relationships with the school's staff:

    Dan Herbert - Rachel Herbert (wife) Y5 teacher (declared 09/10/2017)

    All remaining current Governors have no interests to declare.

    Full Register of Interests of the Governing Body: Gov interests for website Apr18.pdf

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